Monday, January 18, 2010

Oldies but goodies lol

So these are some frames I cut when I first started out, just realized I never took pictures of them so "ghetto" but I won't forget them because this is how I started out lol learning, trying to figure out sizes that would fit etc!!! On a happy note I am in the process of getting a website put together that you can browse and order and pay online wooooohooooo!! (will be so happy once it's all ready to go) Hopefully I can get more followers on here too!!! I will be doing a few giveaways SOON to get my blog and website out there so stay tuned and spread the word to MORE PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!! (my 3 followers bwaaahaaa) No but for reals PLEASE!!!


  1. Yes indeed..Oldie but definitely goodie cause this is a great idea. I will definitely have to do something like this with my Beehives. And possibly do their family name on the frames. Something to prep and plan for. Where did you purchase your frames? Do you have a pricing list?

  2. Hello T*Family I actually purchased these frames from the dollar tree a while back so very inexpensive and easy to apply vinyl to. I don't have a pricing list as of yet.....But if you give me an idea I can give u an estimated price u can call or txt the number up above

  3. Ok. I will definitely look for frames first before I make an order. I have activities already planned out to March. So I will hopefully try and get it all in maybe for Mothers DAy. I will keep you posted. (Leah)