Monday, March 8, 2010

Family is........Forever

A while back my brother Brian ordered some vinyl for his home and here it is on the walls........ They have been doing home renovations on their home and it's turned out beautiful!!! you can see for your self here

I also wanted to announce that I do have a website in the works and you can check out the fonts here at least you can check out the fonts there for now. it links you straight to my email for any orders or questions!!!


  1. Hey Sis our vinyl turned out so beautiful! I for sure need to place another order. Just went through all the lettering so ill let you know. Do you also do different pictures?

  2. Yes Sel I can do different pictures too!!!I import all images including my Bob Marley images as well as the Cougar stuff pretty much anything I google I can import so if you have an image in mind I can do it!!! =)