Monday, March 22, 2010

Misc vinyl cuts

This is only the beginning lol Down in our basement we have a sports theme slash Bob Marley so this is just the start of things to come and only me can add my zumba lol I'm sure my hubby will be thrilled with it there

The red sox logo is for a co-worker, I am not really happy with the way it turned out, I need to find a cleaner cut of it wish me luck
A frame made for my good friend at work, I love this quote!!! something like this would be about $5.00 for the vinyl only

any of the sports logo depending on the size run anywhere from $3 to $6 dollars and if you want color too about the same, the difference of price depends on indoor vs outdoor vinyl. Anything you can give to me that I can google I can cut or import to my vinyl cutter


  1. WEH did I comment on the wrong one LOL enter me, pick me, me, me LOL

  2. OH GOSH I LOVE IT sis keep it up