Monday, April 26, 2010

Last minute order, results of another order

My last minute order that I just love it says "NOA" in the black vinyl Renaissance font and "Koe Famili Ke Ta'engata" (families are forever) in Gold Vinyl one of my fav vinyls to cut in Palatino Font
the next couple of pictures are the actual vinyl on mirror and glass Great job Charlene!! turned out GREAT!!!


  1. i like it on the mirror... I'm doing an order today or tomorrow for mothers day... I'll email you when I know for sure the size I need!

  2. Hey sis did you get the pix I sent you of the finished product?? It looks so nice on the glass and my sis said that family LOVED it. Thanks sooo much 4 doing that last min for me! Luv yah =)

  3. Sis those are really good...AWESOME job keep it up