Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some of my Favorite quotes

I believe this quote to be so true and am truly grateful for a loving Husband who is a great Dad to our girls!!!Font: Pea Zorbist
I love this quote and hope I can live up to my Mothers standards or at least be a good Mom!!!Font: Pea YAR YAR

This is above our closets in our bedroom. I love the way it turned out.......... It goes to show that vinyl does go on textured walls it was a PAIN but in the end it looks great!!!maybe not lol but the hubby loves this quote just as much as I do!!! So it's a keeper!!!

What do you think? cream colored font is AUBREY and the black font is: MASQUERADE

The Masquerade font is not on the font website but is available, if there is a font that you do not see on my font website email me and let me know and I can download it ok!!


  1. OMGGGG, I love that! LOL. The one of both of your names and the quote...thats just beautiful, and the colors just go together...awwwww very cute, Silia! =0) Thanks for sharing this, we rearranged our bedroom weeks ago and I've been staring at the walls that have nothing on them in our room and love this new post of yours to give me ideas...THANKS FOR SHARING! I love it!