Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fav....Importing images

the Tour de South is an image that was created by one of my clients, its a car decal that I imported into my vinyl machine program and cut!!! the "Nemontemi" is a bike decal for another client.

I love the fact that I can import created images from clients and they turn out!!! Happy Friday Ya'll!!!

As a side note I did purchase some of the chalkboard vinyl as well as some more of the heat vinyl for clothing I am going to give it a second chance lol I pretty much gave up on it until I went into the store and talked with a guy who created this awesome baseball T for his team so I can't give up!! not yet at least!!! He gave me some great tips so wish me luck!!!


  1. Good job sis!!!! Don't give up, we need our Zumba tees for our video!~

  2. Ur so great! Do you do pics for car decals too? I have to think of something I want on my car....